Florinas Dinaki Soft Drinks

The basic ingredient of Florinas Dinaki Soft drinks is the natural sour water of Florina which is naturally carbonated. The complete range of Soft drinks contains 12 flavors : orange, lemon, lemon soda, sour cherry, soda water, cola, strawberry, kiwi, rokino, apple, lemon soda with pear and tonic. All these flavors come in a wide range of packages covering all market demands: 250ml glass packages as well as PET packages of 330ml, 1500ml, 2000ml. The unique sour water of Florina and the added natural Greek fruit juices make soft drinks the top choice of Greek consumers. .

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Since 1983 the company Florina Dinaki has maintained the authentic traditional recipe of Soft drinks while at the same time offers innovative flavors such as kiwi, strawberry, lemon soda with pear, rokino (orange- apricot – peach) and apple.

Florinas Dinaki Ice Tea

The ice tea Florinas Dinaki is the unique Greek ice tea which combines the classical taste of black tea and fruits with the sour water of Florina. With only 10 calories in every 250ml ( a glass) you can enjoy the authentic flavor without guilt. It comes in two flavors, lemon and peach in packages of 330ml and1L.

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Fiona Florinas Dinaki

The natural Soft drink Fiona is the first Greek Soft drink which combines the well known all over Greece sour water of Florina ( naturally carbonated) the natural Greek fruit juices and low calories..

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