Xino Nero

The gift of the land of Florina. Pleasure that comes from deep!

100% Greek Product

100% Greek product with certification of the ELLA-DIKA-MAS initiative


The only soft drinks with “Xino Nero” & sweeteners from the Stevia plant

Xino Nero

The gift of the land of Florina. Pleasure that comes from deep!

Enjoy the coolness that comes from the deep!

In your hands you keep a unique product produced from the since the ancient times well known for its beneficial properties "sour water" of Florina. The water with the natural carbonation and the characteristic flavor that begins its long journey from the depths of Greek land, is then naturally filtered out of its rocks and blended with excellent Greek juices and natural raw materials offers you, since 1983, a superior flavor experience. Straightly extracted artfully from 101 meters depth, cool and crystal, in flavors and packages that fascinate, FLORINAS DINAKI refreshments dare you to taste them!

Our Products

P.E.T. Bottle

Florina-Dinaki soft drinks from Xino Nero and excellent Greek juices. All the taste of nature in your glass!

Glass bottle

With Xino Nero of Florina, naturally filtered through the rocks of the Greek land and pumped by us directly from 101 meters depth.

Fiona Without Sugar

The first series of Greek soft drinks Xino Nero of Florina without added sugar. 100% enjoyment, 0% guilt!

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