Sour water, natural sparkling water

sour water, natural sparkling water

The gift of the Florinian land “In Lygos there is a fountain of sour water”

Aristotle, Meteorology, Book B.

«Theopompus says that by the Erigon river there is sour water and those who drink it get drunk like on wine»

Athenaeus of Naucratis, Deipnosophistae

One of the marvelous works of nature in “Lygistida” (as the area of Florina was called in antiquity), are the famous sources of “sour water”, as it is characterized in a multitude of narratives.
The “sour water” (which has even named the homonymous village of the prefecture) has always been a point of reference for our area and an attraction for the people living near. From narrations who mention that Alexander the great drunk from this unique water until the Byzantine era when people with stomach and arthritic disorders or kidney diseases and during the First World War during which allied forces rushed to exploit in every way its benefits, the connection of sour water with human health and its value in time and the heart of the Florinians remain unaltered.

The older ones, and not only, of course, mention visiting natural fountains or private wells of friends in order to collect the valuable water in large containers. At your grandmother’s home you could always accompany your food or your Greek coffee with a cool glass of sour water.
In our village, this excellent naturally carbonated water begins its long journey from a depth of 700 meters, it is then naturally filtered along the course of the rocks of Greek land and pumped by us directly from the 101 meters, retaining unaltered its characteristic slightly sour flavor and its crystal clearness. Where nature itself participates in the production of such a valuable raw material, our role seems to be self-evident.
Since 1983, with respect and love, in “FLORINAS DINAKI”, we enrich this treasure of nature with excellent juices and transform it into a refreshment of unique flavor and superior quality.