Natural Sparkling water

The rare "acidic water" of Lyncestis

Many strange phenomena occur in the ancient world. One of them happened in our region, Lyncestis, known from a strange source of sour water, which anyone who drank as if they were intoxicated had been drinking wine. So oddly refers to the Vatican, “Θεόπομπος εν Λυγκηστές φησίν τι είναι ύδωρ οξύ, ο τους πίνοντας μεθύσκει” which means "Theopompos indicates that the country of Lygistidioton is a source of acidic water, which intoxicates one who drink. Elsewhere in the same paradoxes stated: “Εν Λυγκηστές κρήνη εστίν, αφ' ης εάν τις πιή μεθύσκεται” They are listed in the paradoxes of the ancient Greek world, on a source Lyncestis that water was sour, and those who were intoxicated drinkers. But the Athenian says “Θεόπομπος δε φησί περί τον Εριγώνα ποταμόν οξύ είναι ύδωρ και τους πίνοντας μεθύσκεσθαι καθά και τους τον οίνον”, which means "Theopompos says Erigona near the river, a sour water, intoxicates those who drinking, such as methane from the wine. " All the above mentioned in Theopompus, ancient Greek writers from Macedonia and to Philip II and even the work of the named "Philip" rather than "Makedonika" because he lived in the court of Philip and admired the great leader. From his work Theopompos survived only a few passages. For specific source and Aristotle writes in "Weather": “Εστι δε και περί Λύγκον κρήνη τις ύδατος οξέος”, which means:" There is a fountain in the Lynx which water is sour. " It is a mineral water with such ingredients, anyone who drank were intoxicated and dizzy. But where is this source? ... Theopompos wrote that it was near the river Erigona. Therefore the source is located near the plain of Florina and the plain of Monastir, and all of the two rivers are tributaries of the plains Erigona. ... Dimitris Mekasis wrote for the newspaper: FREE STEP OF Florina Sheet No.1973

Papagiannis Florinas